Karatedo will change what we are

Karate way practice uses the whole body. You can demonstrate the speed and power only after you get the power of the whole body, without pushing or kicking the hands, the body of the technique alone with the toes alone. It can be said that if you can not control your body from fingertips to toes, you can neither punch satisfactorily nor kick. The reason to learn the three "tasks", "basic, assembled, and shape" evenly is to be aware of their physical abilities and to develop better. 
To know yourself is not only necessary for practicing but also essential prerequisites for learning that is all about. Practice is naturally "opportunity" to grow yourself. In that sense as well, Karatedo has open door to anyone regardless of physical strength, ability, sex, age.

Starting Karatedo means to bring in martial arts in our daily lives. 
What is taught at the beginning in the dojo is reward. Beginning begins with rewards, and ends with bow. Practice and etiquette are united. Rei is a kind of "milestone" which is also a respect for teachers and friends who learn together, and consciously considers the time of learning for a certain period each time. It is also a reason to say "courtesy". 
In other words, starting to practice is also to create a "node" in your life. 
Please imagine bamboo. The supple strength which restores snow cover is brought by that verse. When I start Karatedo, obviously, time for practice will be added to my everyday life. I think that the time of limited practice is not "daily" divided from everyday, but "clause" to extend the possibilities of self and to make use of work and studies. 
In an advanced information society, everyone searches for their own roots, they are exposed to various pressures and live while being pressured. Sometimes it is likely to be crushed. 
Having clauses makes life easier to break easily. Yes, we believe.


To parents of children

For growth of children, nutrients called "exercise" are indispensable. The difficulty of Karatedo is to make the whole body intact at will. Well, that is also interesting. Practice to hone the power of thrusting and kicking is naturally a whole body exercise. 
In the musical practice taking opponent, judgment and reflexes are polished. The meaning of "promise gathering" which decided the role of the battle is to let the thought thinking in mind thinking of the situation corresponding to the situation. 
Practice can not be done alone. The first thing we teach is the feeling of respecting the middle of hard work. Courtesy cultivating while sweating in the dojo is "way of behaving" which of course is also valid outside the dojo. Courtesy always plays a big role in nurturing the children 's personality.


To those who become adult

Although it may be felt like being surprising, in reality Karatedo is a martial art that can be started even at any age. It comes from the fact that the end point of practice is in "mission" of mind and body. 
Karatedo practice is basically designed to not overload your weight. For people who feel that there are not many opportunities to move the body, it can be said that it is a very well-balanced whole body movement. For example, it is not a protruding arm strength or a leg strength that is cultivated by form training, but a flexible balance sense that links various techniques. 
The motive to start, as well as the shape of life, age, and exercise capacity are also different for each person. Either for aiming at acquiring a level, for health such as lack of exercise or elimination of stress, to make a difference in life, anything can be done.


To Women

The mechanism of thrusting and kicking can be said to be an exercise that moves the whole body efficiently. The creativity and ingenuity of the forerunners who have developed Karatedo spreads fine not only to the fighting technique for self-defense but also to the way to feed mind and body. Although it tends to pay attention to mental theory somewhat, one of the movements is rational indeed. To be effective in maintaining health and promoting physical fitness, it is still told that many women members are now attending each dojo throughout the country. It is not unusual for families, parents and children to participate with friends at work in all these days. 
I think that there are many people who misunderstand that Karatedo is fiercely stabbed, but the combatants are strict observance of "Terminal" in games and practice. This is not only because it does not cause serious damage to the opponent, it is because the essence of strength is the only skill to control. 
If you do not have yourself in exercise capacity, physical fitness, please consult frankly. We will give guidance in a way that suits individuals.


To People With Disabilities

The Federation has been working on spreading "wheelchair karate-do" for people with physically handicapped persons since its establishment. 
The state of disability is different for every person, not everyone is able to move as specified. Depending on the remaining functions, we think that each can assemble the shape. Take some measures now and make use of human beings is a basic philosophy that covers all Karatedo regardless of injuries. 
People with disabilities other than physically handicapped persons, please consult. Let's study together in what way we can practice. If you are an ambitious person, I would like to be a karate way that can meet everyone's challenge at once.