Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the official website Of the (J.K.S. Nepal).
This is the official site for the JKS Nepal. The JKS Nepal is a non-political Association. That is based on the teachings and methodology of the Shotokan Karate through to the early leadership of Shotokan karate. The JKS Nepal is an for groups, Schools, individuals, and National Association that practice traditional karate who wish to preserve the values and principles that made Shotokan karate the paramount Shotokan karate style throughout the Nepal. The JKS Nepal presents you with an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, groups, and Association while both avoiding politics and being able to share information with each other regardless of race, religion or nationality. As an alliance, we endeavor to form a circle of friendship that Nepal surpasses all boundaries and promote the understanding and technical enhancement of Shotokan karate. Above all else, we believe that Shotokan karate is a martial science and a way of life that trains the practitioner to be peaceful, yet has the capability to terminate an opponent with a single blow. Of course, such action requires power, swiftness, focus and control. Nevertheless, these physical aspects are just the vehicle, but not the journey itself. This journey is based on Bushido where the body, mind and spirit are developed concurrently through training in kihon, kumite and kata. Hence the practitioner learns to both control and to relinquish control to the movements until the techniques are performed without thought while remaining focused. In essence, the body remembers how to move while the mind remembers how to be still.
As a result, one becomes the embodiment of true Shotokan karate because this method of training exemplifies a natural and effortless action where peace is possible through the perfect unity of mind, body and spirit. This is the core teaching of Zen as well as the philosophy of the JKS Nepal.
Therefore, for all groups and individuals who understand our philosophy and wish to practice traditional

Shotokan karate in the manner described above, you are welcome to join the JKS Nepal Shotokan Karate. On behalf of the entire JKS Nepal (JKS), I thank you for you interest in becoming affiliated with the JKS Nepal. And extend a warm welcome and best wishes for your karate success.

Mahendra Kumar Poudel
JKS Nepal.